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Editing is simply the application of the common sense of any good reader. That’s why, to be an editor, you have to be a reader. It’s the number one qualification.
Robert Gottlieb

I have always loved to read. If you put a pile of books in front of me and a comfortable chair, I was one happy girl. Naturally, I thought that the best job in the world would be a reader, which turned into editing.

A little bit about myself:

I have a degree in Public Relations and Creative Writing. I was an editorial assistant for three years for a biweekly paper in New York; a journalist for a year in Southern Maryland; and a proofreader for a junk mail company in Southern Maryland. I was a substitute English teacher, and I have created lengthy documents and interviewed people for the Office of the State Superintendent of Education, in Washington, DC.

What I edit:
Everything. I edit and proofread anything from resumes and cover letters, to short stories and manuscripts.


Direct Mail
Quality Control
• Reviews production of products to ensure the quality of the product
• Consistent monitoring and proofreading of data processing and printing

NAI/Office of the State Superintendent of Education
• Monitored Nonpublic Schools in Metro area for noncompliance
• Interviewed members of the community and staff at schools
• Drafted narratives for reports

Charles County Public Schools
Substitute Teacher
• Implemented classroom procedures
• Provided administrative assistance
• Designed after school enrichment programs

The Calvert Recorder
Reporter and Feature Writer
• Interviewed members of the religious community
• Submitted three feature articles for publishing weekly
• Profiled important members of the community
• Attended community events

Star Community Publishing Group
Editor’s Assistant
• Managed editorial content and layout of more than forty columns
• Submitted editorial content for twice weekly deadlines
• Proofread editorial copy
• Handled Insertion Orders and Tracking Sheets

Interstate/Clarion Musical Instrument Insurance
• Filed important documentation for insurance purposes


The State University of New York at New Paltz
Bachelor of Arts in Public Relations

Suffolk Community College, Brentwood, NY
Associates Degree in Liberal Arts

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