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Shelley did some editing work for me on one of my novels. She was fast, thorough, and efficient. I had a tight deadline to keep, and Shelley helped me stay on target, and keep that deadline. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a personable, friendly, but professional editing service. Thanks Shelley! (5 stars)

Bonnita L. Pleisch-Author of The Guardian series

Shelley’s work is excellent, reasonably priced and quick. She took my 300 page manuscript and gave it a shine that I would never have been able to do on my own.

Jared Bennett (Author, The Fallen Arcana)

I am dyslexic and writing has always been a challenge for me. Shelley has edited several my writing. She is efficient, her turnaround time is extremely quick and there has been times when I have been amazed at how fast she has returned my work. She is knowledgeable and most of all she has a passion for writing.


Shelley was the first editor I’ve worked with, and she was fast, flexible, and friendly. She changed her own schedule when the manuscript wasn’t ready. When we sent it to her, she had it done within a matter of weeks; I was pleased with how thorough and comprehensive the edits were, along with how easy she made the process of going through them. I’m in a different state, and my coauthor is in a different country, but communication was clear and quick. She also expressed enthusiasm in the project, which balanced her helpful criticisms well. I’m definitely satisfied with the work, and would ask her to edit future work. 5 stars!
-Isabella Rouge Novels

Most readers think authors hurt their character’s and don’t feel anything, but that’s not true in the slightest. I had a hard time writing the scene I’m working on, and it’s not any easier with the edits Shelley’s Editing Service did. She made it even more impactful and emotional…
-Author Elizabeth C Bauer

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